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Gold Moon Garden Chinese Restaurant

At "Gold Moon Garden", a touch of traditional Chinese artwork combined with contemporary design creates an exceptional setting for the eye and your dining comfort. An exquisite preparation on its famous Cantonese delicacies, as well as tasty famous dishes from everywhere throughout the North and South of China, will impress you with an unforgettable experience.

Business hours: 08:00-15:00 and 18:00-22:00
Restaurant Location: 1st Floor
Reservation Phone: (853) 8790 3020

Signature Dishes

Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith and Yunnan Ham in Stone Pot
Bring the chicken broth to a boil. Then Add Shark's Fin, Yunnan Ham, Bamboo Pith and Bean Sprout to boil into the Pottery Pot. Our chefs will have you salivating over the distinctive flavours and textures of this dish.

Casserole of Braised Chicken with Chinese Wine
Put the marinated chicken with Chinese Wine and Soy Sauce into the hot pan with oil, Fry quickly. The chicken done is crispy and tender. It is best served warm. Especially during the cool season.

Deef-fried Minced Pork with Shrimps and Mushroom Cake
This Dim Sum is special Cantonese snacks in our hotel. The combination of Minced Pork, Shrimps, Mushroom and Cheese all Combined to create a fusion of flavours. It is best at color, delicious-smelling taste and shape. Our chefs are sure to tempt your sweet tooth with their Dim Sum creations.

Ciao Cafe

Look no further than Ciao Cafe for a taste of Asian and Continental specialties. The intimate environment complements your enjoyment of a casual meal. Even better, pamper yourself with an array of tantalizing international and local fare at our daily lunch and dinner, or with a waking up breakfast. Open daily.

Business hours: 06:30-01:00
Restaurant Location: 2nd Floor
Reservation Phone: (853) 8790 3208

Signature Dishes

Deep-fried Salted Codfish Balls (Pasters de Bacalhau)
Very popular in Macau, This is a classic Portuguese combination of Bacalhau. In this case, Bacalhau (the Portuguese dry cod) and Potato with the addition of Onion, Egg, Olive Oil,Garlic, Coriander and Bay Leaf.

Baked Chicken in Coconut Sauce (Galinha a Macau)
Chinese cuisines make up Macanese cuisine which cannot be found elsewhere in the world. Dish such as Black Olive, White Wine, Portuguese Chourico Sausage, Potato, Tomato , Coconut Milk etc., It was a popular dish in Macau.

This is traditional Portuguese desserts. A very delicious and easy to prepare dessert that looks impressive. It is light and sweet and simple in flavour. One would think that it was merely sweetened whipped cream, but the texture is velvety and the taste always has something more. It will satisfy even the most sweet-toothed diner.

Rotunda Revolving Restaurant

The round-shaped space on the 26th floor feels bright and spacious thanks to the surrounding French windows,which overlook the most dynamic area of NAPE.In a one hour and forty-five mintute rotation you will take in a view of the Sands Cotai,Galaxy Macau,Grand Lisboa and the lighthouse of Colina da Guia.

Business hours: 11:30-14:30 and 17:30-22:30
Restaurant Location: 26th Floor
Reservation Phone: (853) 8790 3261